Professional Language Translation Services in Qatar

We partner with experts from various corners of the world, handling a number of different languages and dialects as well. Below you can find the languages we cover as well as examples of the types of documents we generally work with.

Language Translation Services – Human Powered

Certified Translation

Do you need certified translations for your travel, tourism and business documents? These ever - expanding fields are our cup of tea. So don’t hesitate to reach out to us. Our scope of work includes but is not limited to

✎ Commercial Records

✎ Criminal Investigation Reports

✎ Academic Transcripts

✎ Graduation Diplomas

✎ Death Certificates

✎ Civil Status Documents

✎ Travel Briefing Documents

✎ Tax Cards

✎ National ID cards

✎ Passports

✎ Birth Certificates

✎ Marriage Contracts

✎ Travel Permits

✎ Certified Documents

All other documentation required for attestation by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs - The State Of Qatar

Legal Translation

Urgency is the keyword here. Send us your documents and we will do them justice. Our experience in this field includes, but is not limited to:

✎ Laws and Regulations

✎ Court Documents

✎ Judicial Cases and Judgments

✎ Official, General and Limited Power of Attorneys

✎ Minutes of Meetings

✎ Certificates of Notarization

✎ Criminal Cases

✎ Civil Cases

✎ Pleas and Petitions

✎ Civil, Criminal and Appeal proceedings

✎ Legal Memos, Rejoinders and Pleadings

✎ Disputes, Appeals and Judicial Judgements

Technical Translation

In spite of their specific terminology and their unique formatting standards, these documents are still some of our fortes. Our services include, but are not limited to:

✎ Technical Analyses

✎ Technical Specifications and Standards

✎ Catalogs and Technical Manuals

✎ Operation and Maintenance Manuals

✎ User Manuals

✎ Technical Reports

✎ Bill of Quantities

Commercial Translation

Perhaps one of the more specific and complex domains we have the pleasure to handle, commercial documents do keep us on our toes. Nevertheless, we pride ourselves in always rising to the challenge.Our work encompasses, but is not limited to:

✎ Commercial Contracts

✎ Technical Analysis Reports

✎ Bill of Quantities

✎ Technical Specifications

✎ Bids and Tenders

✎ Commercial Terms and Conditions

✎ Billing and Invoicing Documentation

✎ Receipts

✎ Financial Statements

✎ External Auditor's Reports

✎ Commercial Correspondence

✎ Company Profiles

✎ Marketing Materials

✎ Promotional Materials

Specialized Translation

Last, but not least, we provide translation services in almost all domains and known areas in need of translation, including but not limited to the following:

✎ Political Translation

✎ Press Releases & Media Translation

✎ Literary Translation

✎ Religious Translation

✎ Specialized Academic Translation

✎ Sports Translation

✎ Medical Translation

✎ Economic translation

✎ Financial Translation

✎ Industrial Translation

Interpreting Services

Our interpreters work hard to orally render the exact meaning of a spoken language into another while preserving the tone and goal of the original message. You will find us at conferences, forums, seminars, training courses, and meetings. We specialize in events led in English, Arabic and/or French, but with proper advance notice, we may be able to accommodate other languages as well.

Proofreading and editing

We offer content editing and proofreading for already translated documents. Our translation editing services help big and small companies achieve their goals in all their written communications. How? It’s all in our process!

We first strive to understand your message and goals. Then, with the help of our expert translators and native language readers, we work on editing your document in a way that fits the native flow and structure of the language, while still holding your message intact.

We also follow international quality standards, without breaking your budget. Just like with our regular translations, we put our editing and proofreading services through a rigorous process that involves reviewing and analyzing every part in detail, to ensure its perfection.